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Learn more about how you can use the features of GA to your present and future SEO-strengthening activities. As you have seen, there are countless search engines in the Internet use. However, since Google is used today in Germany, about 90% of the search. And therefore, obviously, the highest potential of bringing in more visitors to your site and small business local seo consequently improving your revenue through acquisition of new customers, we refer in this guide to search engine optimization, primarily on Google. Currently about 60 billion pages in the Internet. Google uses countless, mostly unknown to the evaluation criteria for a web page to deliver users the best possible search results to a search term entered. Google created its own Version of the Internet by small programs, Google bots called, search the Internet for new information. Sites are as important or frequently updated it is known, every few minutes to be searched, others only every couple of weeks. The Google bots to bring the core information such as URL, content, images and Meta-data to Google's Central network.

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There the information is analyses and indexed every word that could be used in a search query, is compared with the information from the Bots. Appropriate web pages are then assigned to the respective queries professional seo according to relevance. This relevance stems from more than 200 criteria, many of which are still unknown. Goal of any search engine optimization is to increase the relevance of the page in the Google Index. In the case of a search request, the search terms will be matched internally with the Google Index, and the relevance-sorted list, will be sent in a matter of seconds to the user. Before you begin the search engine optimization of your website, you should perform a detailed keyword analysis. This is the basis for a continuous search engine optimization of your website, because if you optimize for the wrong Keyword, brings you the best website. The question here is Which Keywords bring the best see this Conversion Rate and therefore the best Return-on-Investment ROI now, of course. Imagine you have an exhibition stand construction company and now want to make about your website in addition to the sale of their Displays carefully.

Can see, we have analyses the concepts of fair display, exhibition professional seo display and display with the Google Keyword Tool. What is here now, of course, immediately striking are the extreme differences in the search results. While display has been searched for in the month of December 3. 350. 000-time, it was in exhibition display only 590, and in exhibition display only 320 searches. Since the term display is very General, is, of course, the hit rate correspondingly high. This statement suggests that it is cost- and time-intensive, if you come up with this term to be among the Top five in Google. We assume that this is wanted to be achieved. Then, you can get a very high number of visitors.

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There are countless terms that have to do with display. The probability that the search will be directed to your page looking for a Display from the exhibition area, is therefore very low. Since the fair display and exhibition stand display are very specific terms, the probability is higher, the total of 1200 search from the month of August searching for what your company offers. Thus, the cost and time factor is much lower, if you optimize for fair display and exhibition stand display, because it is in the case of queries with multiple terms, and the resulting search volume is of course easier to attain a very good Position in Google. As this example shows, it is recognized, it is often far better for 2-3 specific concepts or to optimize, under certain circumstances, niche terms.